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One Hundred Days of Daffodils and Tulips

By selecting the appropriate varieties it is possible to enjoy one hundred days of daffodils and tulips

Set out below are some of the varieties from our range which flower from February through March and April until the end of May. 
Click each name to see the picture and other information.


 Suggested Daffodil Varieties

 Suggested Tulip Varieties

February flowering   Tete a Tete
  February Gold
February flowering  Tarda 
 Little Princess
Early March flowering   Jetfire
 Rip van Winkle
Early March flowering  Stresa
 Red Riding Hood
 Hearts Delight
Late March flowering  Tamara (King Alfred type)
 Ice Follies
 Best Seller
 Dutch Master
Late March flowering  Monsella
 Princess Irene
 Royal Virgin
 Blue Diamond
 Red Apeldoorn
Early April flowering  Mount Hood
 Sempre Avanti
 Red Devon
 Dick Wilden
Early April flowering  Apricot Impression
 Prince Charles
Late April flowering  White & Yellow Cheerfulness
 White Lion
Late April flowering  Queen of the Night
 Pink Diamond
 Any Lily-flowered tulips
May flowering  Actaea
May flowering  Spring Green
 Any Parrot tulips

NB   If the winter is particularly cold the early flowering varieties may not appear until March, which will lead to "bunching" in the flowering period as the late varieties will still come out at their normal time.