Red Apeldoorn Darwin tulip bulbs spring in bulk cheap near me
Variety: Red Apeldoorn
Flowering heights: 22 ins 
Month:  late March into April
Clare Bulb Co comment:  The biggest flower for the least money! A perpetual best seller, Red Apeldoorn is probably the world's most popular tulip. It opens wide in the sun, and closes in the evening, as above. They naturalise very easily, flowering for many years. The bulbs you see below have been flowering in our border for probably twenty years. Goes well with Yellow (Golden) Apeldoorn.
Scroll down to the bottom picture for an example of self-sown Red Apeldoorns in one of our wooded areas.

 Red and Yellow Apeldoorn are complimentary, working well together. 

These Red Apeldoorns are in one of our wooded areas, and believe it or not, are self-sown. Amazing.