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Welcome to the Clare Company 
Suppliers of wholesale and retail spring and summer bulbs
Last updated by Andy Bone February 2018

The Clare Bulb Company is located in the small Suffolk town of Clare, where we have been selling bulbs for over forty years. We specialise in supplying spring bulbs for the gardener with the larger garden who may want to buy bulbs in bulk. However, our prices are exceptionally competitive for smaller quantities as well. 
We concentrate on the more common bulbs, the ones which we know will grow  well in most gardens, and also bulbs "in the green", such as bluebells, snowdrops and aconites. 
Each variety shown on the price-lists has a link to an "Info box", which shows the height of the variety,  when it flowers, and offer useful tips. Click here for an example. 
We also offer growing advice, which are also linked to the pricelists. Click here for an example. 
Bulbs are purchased from leading Dutch and English growers, from people we know, and whose quality is second to none.
We only sell bulbs, (and nothing else), and are now in our forty-fourth year of trading.  Click here if you would like to view a selection of pictures of the bulbs we sell flowering in our award winning Suffolk garden.

To order bulbs please select one of the two options below:

1. Bluebells, snowdrops and aconites "In the green"    Please Click here to place your order for spring 2018 deliveries. 

2. Spring bulbs for autumn delivery:    We are now taking orders for autumn 2018 delivery. You can link to the 2017 price-list by clicking here. If you choose to order for September 2018 delivery from the 2017 price-list, (which you are welcome to do), we will hold your order until we are ready to dispatch, phoning you before we do so. Whilst we tend to hold our prices from one year to the next this cannot be guaranteed, as the pound / euro relationship is quite fluid at the moment, and affects the bulbs we buy from Holland. We will post our 2018 price-list in March. You can order by phone if you would prefer, tel 01787 277441.

Labrador Puppies for Sale: Just for a few weeks we have a litter of black Labrador puppies for sale. Due to go to their new homes on March 31st. Click here for our Labrador link

Examples of just a few of our bulbs growing in our own award winning garden. Click each picture for more information on each variety.


 English Bluebells     

Aconites Tulip Monsella Red Apeldoorn Mount Hood TÍte a TÍte Crocus  Alliums Camassia


Hyacinths Dutch Iris Best Seller Canaliculatus Tulip Abu Hassan Autumn Crocus Tulip West Point Queen of Night  Allium Globemaster Inferno  Imperial Lily

100 days of daffodils and tulips: Click here to view our recommendation.

Bulb Sizes: Our low prices are not at the expense of the size of the bulbs. Our daffodils and narcissus are all "Top size", as growers call them, which means daffodils are 14/16 cms in circumference, (click here for a picture), tulips are generally 11/12's, crocuses 7/8's, prepared hyacinths 16/17's, and so on.  Bigger bulbs give better flowers. N.B. Often the special offers found in newspapers and elsewhere are for smaller size bulbs than we offer! Smaller bulbs mean smaller flowers, (or none), and may not come up the following year.

Bulb Quality: Unlike many bulb companies our experienced team pack all our orders by hand, not only visually inspecting each and every bulb to ensure it meets our exacting standards, but gently squeezing each bulb (other than those sold by weight), to ensure it is firm to the touch, a sure sign of vigour.  You may be assured that nothing is put in the bag unless we are confident it will flower.

What customers tell usClick here to see some we have received over the past year or two, including photographs of their displays. 

Who are The Clare Bulb Company?
Formed on 24th August 1974, the Clare Bulb Co is a family business run by Jane and Andy Bone in Clare, Suffolk. If you wish to know more about the business, and the team running it, click here

Other information:  Click here  for further ordering details, more about us, where we are, our trading policy and consumer protection policy, a flowering time guide, with heights and depths for planting bulbs, suggested combinations, and other useful facts. 

Our Garden:
Most visitors to our website are gardeners, so why not visit our garden by clicking here? We hold the prize for the best garden in Suffolk in the one-acre category, and in January 2015 featured in Sky TV's series "Come into my Garden". Would you like a screen-saver picture that sums up an English summer garden? If so, click here, and use it with our compliments. 

Visiting Clare:  We operate a retail shop at our premises in Clare between Sept 1st and early November. We open on weekdays from 9.30 to 4.30,  and we open on Saturdays and some Sunday afternoons. It is best to telephone if planning to visit us on Sunday, to be on the safe side.  Click here for a map of where you can find Clare, and click here for our location in Clare, (we are on the main road, so very easy to find).

Frequently Asked Questions: Click here to view answers.

Labradors: We have bred Labradors for a number of years. A new litter is expected in early February 2018. We have created a photographic record of all the various litters, which we are pleased to share with you. Click here to start. Includes Rosie, Billy's new daughter, (our 6th generation), born October 2016 and the recently arrived kittens. If you would be interested in a puppy from the new litter give us a ring.

Lawns: Nothing to do with bulbs, but if you are less than pleased with your lawns just click here.

Andy's Picture gallery: Click here This too has nothing to do with bulbs. Many of us draw and paint, and what we produce sits in a drawer and rarely sees the light of day. I decided that although I am hardly a great artist I would indulge in an ego-trip, and post a selection of my pictures on this website. As a descendant of Sir Muirhead Bone and his son Stephen Bone, both official Naval War artists, there are quite a lot of ship pictures. 

Publicity on the Clare Bulb Company :  Please click here to view the Sky television team at work in our garden for the 2015 programme; "Come into my Garden". Click here for newspaper coverage of one of our business in the East Anglian Daily Times. 

Clare Bulb Company, Riverside House, Clare, Suffolk, CO10 8NS.    
Tel / Fax: 01787 277441  e-mail: 

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