Pups leave home when they are eight weeks old, and then live their lives with their new owners.
Since we are happy to have the pups back when their owners are away, we have the pleasure of seeing them grow up into mature dogs. We are also sent photographs of the dogs by their owners, so we can share these with you.

As time passes we will be adding pictures to the selection that you can see below.

In the meantime both Milly2 and Morris had litters in the late summer of 2012, 19 puppies in total, and their pictures can be found clicking here.

 Bella checking the bag is completely empty  Esme with Morris and Phoebe
 Ollie when 10 weeks old at home with uncle Max     Millie 2 studying the difficult-to-cross bridge
  Catch your own dinner, this is mine!   November puppy party, 16 came
  Sam chases Yogi who chases Phoebe  Peace and quiet 
  There is a boy under that lot, plus one looking on   3 dogs on lap, reading paper impossible.
 Family group, plus George, who is now a dad himself. 
Remembering their training when they come to stay  Very orderly, just how we like it!
Morris, a dad of just three weeks, enjoys an early morning run, December 2012  Phoebe, Morris's sister, sits in my lap, unaware she is no longer a puppy

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