Billy "No Mates" has not only totally confounded this soubriquet but has fathered two litters of his own, one of whom, Rosie, has joined us at Riverside House and she
        will in due course also have puppies. They will be our seventh generation. 80 puppies in all, plus whatever Rosie produces.

This is Billy's mate, Pippa. A lovely dog who lives in Sudbury with her owners Charlie and Marie. She came to stay for a few days. Billy was not quite sure why, (to begin with). Nine weeks late she produced nine lovely puppies, four girls and five boys.                             Growing up together
At seven weeks old the pups take over the kitchen. Note top LH pup leaving its mark. Before Christmas four of the pups  came to Clare, (note Christmas bonnet). A nice arm full. Great-uncle Morris in the background.                      Being pups they battled all day long...
 ...and learned about gravity  Brother Harry proved himself a great jumper Soon the other three went to new homes, so Rosie was on her own, (except for dad,  great-granny and the cat)
   Rosie asks granny for a game.     Or in desperation the cat  Better get on the phone and see who can come round
  Let me squish granny     Ah, that's better, dad wants a good chase-about...  ..followed by a nice snooze on master's shoulder
    ...or on mistresses. I don't think we are allowed on the sofa.  Nor at the table, but now I am bigger I can have a good look around  Poor granny. Dad and I beat her up quite regularly.