The pictures below show some examples of the bulbs we sell, mostly flowering in our garden, (scroll down the page). 

   Our garden from the Essex bank of the River Stour

Mixed tulips in one of our borders

  A selection of our mixed narcissus in a vase


      Daffodils and Narcissus beside the River Stour

                       Mixed tulip border

Red Apeldoorn

Dwarf Iris Harmony


             Scented Actaea, (also known as Pheasant Eye)


Allium Gladiator

 Tulip Abu Hassan


             Lily-flowered tulip Claudia

Tres Chic      Angelique 

 Super Parrot


Red Georgette (Inferno), in an urn

Mount Hood

       Tete a Tete, in February 


Dwarf iris Reticulata Viridiflora tulip Spring Green      Mixed garden hyacinths

Allium Schubertii


One of our tulip borders, in April 

Dried Allium heads     Tulip Groenland


     Naturalised Cyclamen Neopolitanum

Imperial lily Lutea



        Double tulip Blue Diamond                    Ranunculus

Blue Anemone Blanda 

Scilla after naturalising


            Allium Purple Sensation

English bluebells in Badby Wood

Tulip Pink Diamond


Snowdrops, "in the green", 

 Tulip Queen of the Night

Fritillaria Meleagris, 


Indoor Paperwhite Dutch Iris     Anemones



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