Here are some more pictures of the garden at Riverside House............


          Alliums in the spring                                                                                                          It's good to have a river, although it can flood...
          High summer                                                                                          
                    Hanging basket of home kept begonias                                  

Hardy fuchsias, pansies and begonias                                         Autumnal mists and mellow.........                        A very tall

     Mid-summer annuals                                                                                        A change of seasons!

            Dogs enjoying the river...well, they are all Labradors.                                    Daffodils through the willow, the part of the garden in Essex           

      Home-made, designed and erected bridge, on opening day                                                              Grub up for eight puppies
     The directors of the Colchester brewery meet to set up the
company,                                        2011/12 winter, quite cold at times 
     August 2011. (visit for the result). Head 
     brewer Tom Knox, sales director Roger Clark, and chairman Andy Bone                                    


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Bulbs in the Green

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