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Snowdrops, Aconites & Bluebells "In the Green" 
from the Clare Bulb Company 



Buying English Snowdrops, Winter Aconites and English bluebells "in the green" is seen by many as a more reliable way of achieving success  than planting "dry" bulbs, i.e.. as one would buy and plant in the autumn. The bulbs we offer are naturally grown and lifted under controlled conditions. We are very careful to ensure that no more than two or three days should pass between the lifting of the bulbs and their arrival at our customers' address. This way the bulbs remain fully viable.

Bulbs in the green may be ordered at any time during the year, although they are only delivered from early February until May, the actual delivery time depending upon the weather in the early part of the year. 
Given that in most years there is a limited supply of native snowdrops and bluebells, it is wise to order before the end of April . If ordering later than that, please give us a ring, to check availability. 
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Snowdrops, freshly dug from our bulb field, before grading and counting

English Bluebells, before grading and counting
50 Galanthus Nivalis, (single flowered snowdrops) at the point of senescing, having just flowered. Winter Aconites after lifting, showing the healthy root formation.

After grading the selected plants are wrapped in waterproof outers before being packed and dispatched.

Packed orders, awaiting dispatch. The larger boxes are sent by 24 hour carrier, the smaller parcels by 1st class Parcel Post. All parcels are tracked.

Clare Bulb Company, Riverside House, Clare, Suffolk, CO10 8NS 
     Tel / fax 01787 277441    e-mail:  sales@clare-bulbs.co.uk

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Bulbs in the Green

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