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Customers' email messages


April 11th: Good morning, I just wanted to thank you for the glorious show of bulbs I have. The Tulips are fabulous and have stood up to the relentless wind and rain we have had this spring. Many thanks and best wishes, Judith Matthews, Anglesey

Feb 3rd Dear Andy, Just a "thank you" for the Snowdrop and English Bluebells bulbs that arrived safely and in great condition last week. All now safely planted in our 'new' garden in Wales. Once again, a great job, much appreciated. Best wishes, Chris Payne.

Aug 17

Hi Zoltan,  Nice to hear from you, it has been a year or two.  Sadly, under EU rules, we cannot send bulbs anywhere in the EU without a plant passport, as they have soil on their roots. This is a very expensive procedure, and well beyond our resources. In other words, we can no longer supply anyone in the EU, which even includes Northern Ireland, which is part of GB! Knocked a hole in our sales, I can tell you.   Best wishes from a wet England, Andy.
Zoltan replied: Thank you for your answer. I am very sorry for these stupid regulations as   I have a  very positive experience with your bulbs. Best  regards, Dr.Zoltan Kolozsvary (Romania)

May 2nd Hi there, Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the Apricot Impression. There are HUGE and bright pink. We have also had the Crème Upstar pop up and they are stunning too. Although I should dig those up and love them to a different area as they are over powered by the Apricot Impressions. The White Triumphators are also super interesting with triple heads. Will order a load more - when is the best time to places orders for bulbs? All the best, Miranda  

April 19th Good Morning. We came up with the Cavendish Horti Society last year for a visit and came away with some bulbs (of course). Just wanted to share a picture of one of the tulip tubs we planted, which has been absolutely spectacular. The pinks have been in bloom for at least 3 weeks now and show little sign of finishing, allowing the reds to come through at the same time. The others we planted have been just as good, unfortunately we haven't had the same success with a lot of wildflower bulbs (NOT from you I hasten to add) we planted in the ground. Anyway - just wanted to say thanks and share the picture which doesn't really do them justice to be honest! All the best, Phil and Karen.

March 11th Hi Andy, We bought some snowdrops in the green from you back in February and we're really pleased with them - thank you so much - fantastic quality, Rebecca Bingley.

Mar 5th Hi Andy, Just to say that the aconites and snowdrops arrived in good shape, for which many thanks. The aconites proceeded to flower well, and are much appreciated by our honeybees. Not much forage around for them at the moment, so they are very grateful. All best wishes, Susannah 

Feb 23rd Once, again, thank you for your personal service that makes it such a pleasure to do business with you.  My only regret now is that I no longer have half-acre gardens to enjoy but only a small patch around a mobile home and a wild bank bordering the park that I am in the process of slowly taming while not disturbing the wildlife. Kindest regards, Trish Lavery . 

Feb 18th Hi, Just to let you know the bulbs arrived safely on Tuesday and I got them planted.  They all look lovely, as you say they have no idea they have been moved! Kathrine Crompton

Feb 11th  Just to say thank you, the snowdrops arrived today, in time for us to go to the local park and add them to those we had already planted. The long term plan is a full snowdrop path which is inside the park, but can be seen from the pavement alongside. Having used a number of suppliers,  your name will go to the top of the list. Regards,  Jean Mahy

November 9th Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my order. You said that your delivery service was excellent and indeed it was much better than many others. Eva Blumenthal, London

April 25th Dear Andy, I thought you might enjoy seeing how your bulbs got on despite efforts of the squirrels trying to steal them. The perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine -complete with photo bombing black lab. My mum was also very impressed with her collection that you helped me with it, has provided ongoing colour for weeks. Thanks , Tina Kerr. 

March 25th  Dear Clare-bulbs,  We bought some bulbs in Sept when we stayed in Clare for a week. Just thought I would send a couple of photos. They are beautiful. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you all. Hopefully will return soon. Regards, Kevin and Elaine O’Reilly. 

Feb 24   Dear Andy B, I'd just like to comment on the excellent service and quality of the snowdrops and aconites that arrived today and are now planted.....I have ordered from a variety of sources in the past and your bulbs are by far the best in every way. Thank you. Gillian Ennis


Sept 18 Thanks,  Andy and team, for the bulbs delivery that arrived exactly as promised on Tuesday. Now to plant them...and follow your advice. Many thanks for your continued brilliant service. Margaret Wright

June 27th Hope you are well; I am pleased to confirm I've just placed largest order yet, over £500!!! So excited as I was looking through the site. Anyway, i was a bit worried i may be late in ordering and wanted to ensure everything i have ordered can be fulfilled. Please give me a call okay so I don’t worry as I'm planning a really big display next spring in anticipation of things hopefully will open up! Much love and thanks to you for always been there as I really don’t know what I’d do without you!!!! Best wishes, Panna 

May 14th Hello Clare Bulb company, I just wanted to say that the bulbs have provided an amazing display. The star of the show has been the Monsellas, in a pot at the front door,  together with Abba. So many people have commented on them walking by. Thank you, Nel Mooy

May 10th Good evening Andy, We just wanted to say a very big thank you for the spectacular show we have had from the tulips you supplied. They have been admired by all who have seen them and have gone on and on giving their best despite the changeable weather. We will store them carefully for next year but will no doubt be back for more. Thank you and your team.  Denise and Ian Black.

May 8th Dear Clare Bulb company, Lovely to be back to buy some more bulbs. Almost an annual occurrence as I see the tulips up and notice the gaps then  start planning again for next year! The hundreds and hundreds of Daffs I bought from you around 4 years ago are going strong and put on a great show every year. Claire McClean

April 13th: Thanks for the update. It's good to understand how Brexit has affected businesses such as yours. Talk about over complicating a simple import/export process. You WILL win. Cos the crazy process will have to ease. No doubt about it.. Hang on in there, Clare Bulb Company! Meantime...I'm off to study your bulbs list.  Thank you for your great service and products...some of which you can see in the attached pic (snow-capped Pendle Hill in the background). Maggie Wright, sunny Lancashire

March 21st: When we spoke last year, I promised you photos of the 300 daffodils we bought from you  and planted last September in a windblown field in Snowdonia. These daffodils are amazingly resilient, especially considering that digging holes for the bulbs at the correct depth wasn’t feasible, so instead I basically just lifted the turf (that probably hasn’t been cultivated in at least 100 years), squeezed the bulbs in underneath, and then trampled on the turf above them a bit. They remind me of the Dylan Thomas poem - “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”. They have done amazingly, especially considering that the weather has been atrocious on and off, since September - including lots of driving rain and wet ground. I will definitely be back for at least another 300 in the autumn. Nerys 

March 16th: Hello Andy, The bulbs came today and were in great condition, thank you.  Half of them are in already with help from two grandchildren and the rest will go in tomorrow I hope. Thanks again for your great service. Kind regards, Avril (Orkney Islands)

March 4th: I received my snowdrop order on Tuesday as promised,  planted them all on Wednesday in 40 minutes as suggested and just before a gentle shower of rain. Perfect. Thank you for your excellent service. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the wonderful show next Spring. Kind regards, Elaine Mulcahy 

Feb 24th Hi. Firstly I have now planted the 500 snow drops that you sent me & they look fabulous. Thank you. Secondly I would like some Pickwick & Remembrance Crocus bulbs. When is the best time to buy? I would like 250 of each. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Phil. 

February 18th Hello Andy, Very many thanks for the beautiful, perky, snowdrops - they’re already making their presence felt in our little garden and bringing great enjoyment. Thank you too for keeping me posted with delivery news. With best wishes , James Finlay

February 11th Dear Andy, My bulbs arrived safely on Tuesday and they are now planted. I am really pleased with them and thought I’d drop you a line to say thank you. Kind regards Leonie 

February 3rd: To confirm delivery at 08.17hrs today, 3 February. I'm astounded at the efficiency of APC - all other delivery companies usually fail miserably to deliver to my address. I shall be out planting soon. Many thanks.  Karen Thomsett   Andy's note: order collected from Clare midday Feb 2nd. We have used APC for many years.

February 1st: Hello Andy, I am delighted with my Snowdrops collected from you last Thursday - and what a very beautiful garden you have! I would like maybe 500 more Double Snowdrops if possible? 
Perhaps you could let me know if you could supply those? Kind regards, Julia Turner


Dec 29th:  Hello! Just a note to say thank you - your website is full of brilliant information and help. The bulbs and the small blue slip of paper with bulb heights that arrived, ordered by the lady for whom I garden, has led me to your website! Happy New Year Kind regards and thanks again, Sarah

Oct 16th: Dear Andy, A giant box of bulbs arrived safely a couple of days ago. All looking good. Thank you. We look forward to receiving our order of snowdrops and aconites early next year and to our our modest garden being a riot of colour in Spring 2021. Thank you for your personal service. With all good wishes. Edna Bell 

June 10th Dear Andy, this is just a short note to share with you our delight with the raised beds that we planted back in December with the bulbs that you sent. We must've got lucky, because it's been like one of those fantastic firework displays that you see when as one spectacular burst fades away it is replaced by an even bigger and better one. From the first crocuses to the last irises we have had pretty well four months of spectacular colour, and very much looking forward to a repeat performance next year.   I know we caught you last year when you are was the end of the selling season, when is a good time to order this year? Mike

June 4th The order I placed with you last year was simply superb, so I’m back again. This time however, I think it’ll be best to send the bulbs direct to me in Orkney.  That’s the price I have to pay for such good service from you. Beth

April 26  Hello Andy, Caroline here from Cranbourne Gardens. I am delighted with my show of flowers this spring after my autumn delivery .Outstanding blooms....so thank you so much. Ordinarily I have lifted bulbs and replanted each year but is it ok to leave the in situ? There is so much contradiction on the internet so I thought I would put this to you . I do hope you are well in all this surreal situation, Best wishes Caroline. Our answer: Lovely garden, really nice. Here is what we do. Any bulbs in containers we let die back completely, take them out and let them "ripen" in the greenhouse during the summer. Then plant them in the garden, unless the bulbs are obviously very small, in which case we don't bother. Leave any bulbs that are not in containers in the ground. It is always best to follow our planting depth guide as they survive better the deeper they are planted. Hope that helps, XX Andy

April 24th Dear Anthony Bone, I hope you are well and managing this dreadful virus situation we are all in. Following your encouragement on the telephone last year, I ordered tulips from you. I am delighted to tell you they are absolutely fabulous. Thank you ever so much. In these difficult times of “staying at home” they are so uplifting. They are planted in a small mass on the edge of a small green. Neighbours love them and keep asking me what kind they are. The problem is, I can’t find my paperwork and can’t remember the tulip names! A tall pink, a purple and a beautiful orange...Can you possibly help? Many thanks, Betsy Galloway, York

April 13 One of the compensations of lockdown is that we are spending a lot of time in our garden and very much appreciated your tulips which are always fantastic. A spring without these vibrant colours would have made lockdown a lot more miserable. Hope you and your team are well. All the best, Graham McSporran

April 11th Hi there, I have just being sitting in my garden amid my beautiful bulbs. A friend of mine introduced me to your bulbs a couple of years ago and although I only have a small garden the displays have been wonderful. Thank you so much for brightening up my world in these frightful times. Hope you keep well and safe, Barbara Hill

April 8th Hello there, I promised that I would send you pictures of my beautiful tulips when in flower.  Here you go!  They bring me such joy.  More pictures to follow. THANK YOU and I hope that you are both OK. With all best wishes, Alex - a happy customer. 

Mar 20th Dear Andy, My order has arrived in excellent condition and are now planted. Thank you, Ray Jenkins

Feb 29th Good morning Andy, I bought these bulbs from you last year, to try to cheer up the grass at the front of our house in the spring.  Since late January every morning it’s put a smile on my face, when I open the curtains and see all the vivid colours brightening up the day. The photograph doesn’t do it justice, you have to ‘zoom in’ to see what’s there; we’ve had weeks of snowdrops and now they are fading, the crocuses and Tete-a-Tete are taking over, the aconites too have been in flower for weeks. Thank you. Regards Mark

Feb 17th Good morning Andy. No complaint about the bulbs and the latest delivery of aconites – such a delight in this awful weather – but please, when using newspaper for packing, could you ensure the answer page is included with the puzzle page? I spent three coffee breaks trying to find the 10th difference between pictures in the Children’s Puzzle section of the Daily Telegraph before deciding that what I thought was an optical illusion was, in fact, a measurable difference. Life really isn’t that sad – I just like puzzles! Thank you for your excellent service, Kind regards, Trish

Feb 4th  Dear Andy, The Snowdrops and Aconites arrived safe and sound late this afternoon. Due to the warm spell of weather we are having, we’ll get them planted tomorrow morning. All the other bulbs we got from you last autumn are coming along nicely and we look forward to their flowering. Thank you for your excellent attention. Best wishes, Edna

Feb 3rd Dear Andy, Thanks for taking the trouble to leave a message advising me of the delivery of the aconites.  I have been very impressed by your company’s attention since ordering from you and look forward to having aconites in my garden again.  Having lived abroad for many years, where spring flowers did not flourish, I love to see them and know that spring must be on the way.  Kind regards, Trish


Dec 23 Thanks for supplying us with our bulbs this year. Thought you might like to see how the Paper Whites are doing - on time for Christmas and a beautiful fragrance in our entrance lobby, Tim and Cheryl. Click here to view picture

Oct 8th Dear Andy, this is to congratulate you on your amazing service.  The goods arrived today (Tuesday), having only been ordered and confirmed by you on Sunday when you ‘phoned to ask if substitutes were acceptable. One of the substitutes was 50 Hawera daffodils in lieu of 50 Dutch Iris Symphony.  I am happy to take the Hawera on your recommendation but must point out that you have only charged me for the Iris and not the higher price for the daffodils.  Please feel free to charge my Debit Card (you will have details on your records) for the difference. I was very pleased to have your helpful tips and planting chart in inches!  I have recently returned from many years in Europe using metric measures but still mentally convert everything except 10cm (4 inches), metres and kilometres, those being measurements that I can roughly recognise. The web site is also easy to use – I am no expert with computers – and the details given for each plant are very helpful.  I look forward to a colourful spring once my back has recovered from digging so many holes. Kind regards, Trish (NB We did not charge for the difference!)

Oct 1st  Dear Andy, Many thanks. We enjoy your bulbs so much!  They are always of excellent quality, and a huge addition to our London garden.  Most we put in pots and they are so cheery after a largely monotone winter. June

Sept 19th Dear Andy and Jane, Having just opened the box so lovingly packed by you in Suffolk, I am sending huge thanks from Norfolk. Your packaging is brilliant with only the merest smidge of plastic tape, which was easily removed, unlike the ridiculous amount of reinforced ‘paper’ tape used by other companies, which I doubt is recyclable. The size of the box was totally appropriate for the volume of goods and will be happily munched bit by bit either by my worms in their womery or the bugs in my compost pile on the allotment....along with all the paper bags.
The bulbs are top quality and I hope that by following your detailed, knowledgeable instructions, Mother Nature will assist me in allowing each one to achieve their full potential and beauty........I shall report back. In this day of online shopping lacking in human interaction, your company service stands out above all others. I am not an expert gardener and have not explored growing bulbs before, though I remember my mother keeping a bowl of three hyacinths under her bed each year with the aim of having them in flower and fill the entrance hall with their fabulous scent by Christmas Eve, I have always bought them ready prepared!! I’m on a new adventure with high hopes and you can be certain that as a result of your top service, I shall only purchase bulbs from you and will encourage others to do the same. Very many thanks and good wishes, Terri Carter

Sept 12th I would just like to thank you for my bulbs that arrived today, as promised. It is so refreshing to deal with  such an efficient and polite company. Kind regards, Sue

 Sept 10th Your bulbs arrived this morning! Thank you for such excellent service and encouragement. Thanks, Betsy.

Sept 9th Dear Andy, thank you for the message to let me know that the bulbs had been despatched.  They arrived on Friday in excellent condition all beautifully wrapped in their paper bags.  All I need to do now is plant them. Best wishes, Barbara.

Feb 15th The 25 aconites you sent me have been looking very happy today in the sunshine. Thanks, John Treble

Jan 30th  Dear Andy, Thank you for the news of the snowdrops and bluebells. The bulbs I purchased from you have again come up and survived the snow we had last week and yesterday. It’s always a joy to see them. Living over 500ft above sea level means we do get the unpleasant weather if it is around, at the moment yesterday’s snow is frozen solid so there is no way that anything can be put into the ground. Still thinking abut re-planning part of the garden, so am hoping that the weather improves soon. All best wishes, Valerie

Jan 29th  Dear Andy , Just to let you know my order arrived and all were perfect.  I planted the Snowdrops and Bluebells straight away and fingers crossed will have some pop up soon.  I will plant the other bulbs in trays after a soak overnight and leave them in the cold greenhouse till they are visible and I am ready to plant.  Many thanks, Jennie Anderson


Sept 20th  Dear Andy, This is just to advise you of safe arrival of bulbs - thank you so much. I took out all the packets just to remind myself of what I had ordered and then tried to put them back, and was amazed at your beautiful and efficient packing because there was no way I was going to achieve this. No need to reply - just to say I am appreciative of all you do, even for modest customers, and hope the rest of your year goes well. Best wishes, Patricia Sunley.

Sept 3rd Andy, Just to feedback many thanks - the bulbs arrived and about half have been planted (there are always so many......!).
Your service most excellent as always. Graham

May 21st  Hi Andy, Just a note to say how thrilled I've been with both sets of bulbs purchased from you & planted in my new raised bed last autumn. Pics enc. 
Rob Kay

May 13th  Dear Andy, Only 'discovered' Clare Bulbs last year but am more than pleased that I did  and just wanted to say:- thank you for the  excellent customer service and 'personal' touch. Makes a huge difference and one feels one is buying in complete confidence from a company that actually cares about its product and what it is doing.  - the quality of your bulbs is outstanding.  Everything has flowered splendidly this Spring in my huge and daunting project garden reclaiming a totally neglected space that two years ago was completely shaded by trees and grew nothing but holly and ivy.  Now have a modest border to indulge my passion for peonies and Hemerocallis that shone with Ballerina this spring and a woodland garden full of bluebells from yourselves. Outstanding are the lovely, lovely windflowers. I was not expecting much in this the first season but have been overwhelmed with over a month of profuse flowering of the largest and most beautiful white windflowers imaginable. The quality of your bulbs / corms is  non pareil. Thank you so much. Jill

April 8th  My order arrived safely yesterday and my lovely healthy looking bulbs were duly planted Looking forward to a lovely patch of bluebells in a couple of years time!
Kind regards Nicki Dewing


May 6th  I've been most happy with the snowdrops and bluebell in the green, which arrived this spring and which have bloomed.  A wonderful surprise to have the treat of flowers this year rather than the expected wait until next! Olive.

5th May Hi Andy, thanks for the email. I will have a good look at the catalogue-thanks. I had wanted to write to you anyway to let you know that the bulbs I ordered from you a couple of years ago are flowering with the biggest strongest flowers you could imagine.  I tell my husband repeatedly what brilliant stock you sent me. I've extended the flower beds so need bulbs for them too. You will get my order in the near future. Many kind regards, Anne Lumsden.

April 29th Just wanted to let you know, that I have enjoyed/am enjoying the tulips I planted from you SOO much.  They have been revelatory for me - up till now I’ve just bought bags from the garden centre.  So big and beautiful, I will buy a few more each year so that I always have some that go WOW, as I understand that they don’t always come back with the same enthusiasm.  (I’m a leave them in the ground and see what comes up next year kind of gardener as they are scattered through my herbaceous beds). In particular I’ve enjoyed Apricot Expression, and Tres Chic.  I’m in danger of becoming a tulip geek….Best wishes, Belinda (in Rottingdean).

April 24th Hello Andy, An update a year on from planting the snowdrops, aconites and bluebells that we bought from you in the green last year: we were very pleased that everything we planted came up nicely and flowered - the bluebells are just starting now. Many thanks, Susannah

April 5th  Hello, Andy, the parcel arrived yesterday. The plants are all in excellent condition. Thanks a lot! I hope to have a small blue carpet by the next spring among my silver birch trees. I shall also plant a few hazels there. There is a corner there, which is damp in the spring, but dries out by the summer. I believe these are the right conditions for the bluebells? Loreta 

April 5th  Thank you so much for our lovely box of Spring bulbs.  It arrived safely yesterday, and your bulbs already planted on a mossy bank at the top of our garden.   I swear I could smell Suffolk air when I opened it, lovely.  I spent a few moments thinking of generations of my gt.grandparents......as far back as I am aware of, living in Little Livermere, and buried in St. Peter’s churchyard. Sincerely, June Clamp.

Mar 29th  Andy, I hope that you and yours are well. Please see attached a few pictures of our Field of Hope in Windsor.  The bulbs are courtesy of Clare Bulbs of course  and they come up year after year without  fail! If Windsor’s most famous resident has a look shall I ask if  Lord Clare could be a possibility? Rgds, Ed (Councillor Ed Wilson) Click here for picture (Andy agrees that Lord Bone of Clare sounds about right...)

Mar 29th  Dear Everyone at Clare Bulbs, I bought 25kg bag of mixed daffodils and some tulips last year. I hadn't appreciated how many bulbs 25 kg contained but I am so glad I persevered with the planting.
I am now reaping the benefits! They look beautiful, the quality and the variety of the flowers is amazing. They make me smile every time I look out of the window or go into the garden. Thank you for your excellent service and quality of the bulbs. Best wishes, Deborah Tomlinson

Mar 27th   Dear Andy, Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help and advice last November choosing the daffodils and narcissus, they are looking fantastic. Photo attached. Best regards, Martin Fojut

Feb 27th  Many thanks for bulbs! They look great - and service perfect. Best wishes. James Finlay

Feb 9th   Dear Andy, This is just to say thank you for the bulbs, (single snowdrops in the green & English bluebells in the green) which arrived safely & looked very healthy, I planted them straight away & I look forward to seeing them flourish & spread in the years to come. With best wishes, Jean Crump.


Oct 8th  Good day, I thought you might like a picture of the after effects of buying just 10 Cyclamen Neopolitanum  bulbs from you about 10 years ago. In short, they are making a take over bid for the garden. They have multiplied and 'walked' from the original location (picture 1) and have crossed a concrete and slate path and have now colonised the raised bed about 10 ft away. They have achieved this without any intervention or border control from me, so I'm glad this happened before Brexit!  When we bought them, you said they would spread. You were right! They are a delightful and much admired part of our garden. Thank you and see you next Autumn. Michael

Sept 8th  Dear Anthony, I received my order this week; the bulbs look really good! Many thanks, Sybil Barton

Sept 8th  Hi Andy, Just a quick note to thank you for the bulbs. Arrived shortly after midday today so Madame has been busy planting this afternoon. Service excellent as we have come to expect from you. 
Kind regards, Mike Gallimore. 

July 20th Last year you had a bargain sale and I thought you might like couple of pictures of these beautiful  iris which have just come out . In our severe cold and windswept climate ( 2,000 feet up in Scotland ) I could not plant the bulbs out in the ground at the time, hence the containers but they will be planted  out for next year.  I was delighted with them. Susan Wilcox Click here for pic of Iris Symphony

May 16   Hi Andy I thought you might like a few pictures of your lovely tulips! I ordered them very late and planted them even later in a rush!!? Couldn't have looked better if I'd spent ages planning it!!! What with the few daffs you had left and the tulips we have had about six weeks of colour! Thank-you very much! Every good wish, Phyll Bennett. (Click here for picture) 

May 9 Hi, I thought you would like to see this . They have been much admired and i have passed on you name to many of my friends . I will send you a few more pictures of  the Narcissi  in the new garden  I am creating . The flowers are still going  strong and smelling of cloves. Best wishes  will be ordering again soon,  Barbara Buckley.

May 4 Dear Andy, I'm sorry I haven't written before to let you know how your bluebells are doing.  They arrived exactly on time - ie the day after we got to the IOW - looking very happy, and they are now looking very happy in our garden. So thank you very much, and for all the trouble you've taken. With very best wishes. Lindy

April 26 Just thought we would send you a photo of the remaining China Pink Tulips that are still providing us with joy and memories of our wedding 10 years ago.

They were a great talking point planted on mass in the garden and we have enjoyed them every year since. Thank you again, Andrew and Charlotte Ward

April 23  Just to let you know the bluebells arrived this afternoon, in excellent condition. They are already planted in the garden! Thank you for the excellent service! Regards, Jackie, (In France)

April 22  My tulips are looking amazing, bursting with colour. Thank you x Jane

April 22 Hi Andy, Really pleased with my bulbs!  Kind regards, Tanya Warren

April 20 Thank you for your lovely e-mail.   I only have a small London garden but it is much admired for all the dozens of bulbs I manage to put in, all of which come from you.  As you say, it has been an unusual year and I have had early daffodils out at Christmas, lots still on show and tulips catching up fast. Best wishes, Patricia Sunley

April 19 I  bought a variety of tulips from you in the Autumn. Some have flowered and gone some are in full flower and some are in bud.  But they are all BEAUTIFUL.  Your bulbs are full and healthy the resulting flowers have the 'wow' factor. We will be adding to our stock from Clare Bulbs as we rescue a little jungle and turn it in to something presentable. We have been IMPRESSED - thank you. Tristram & Yana 

Feb 16 Hello Andy,  Order arrived in excellent condition by Royal Mail yesterday morning. All planted before lunch! Thanks very much for the excellent service. All the best , Owen

Feb 12 and March 3 Dear Andy, Just to let you know the bulbs arrived today, and were in great shape. They are in the ground already; hope they like their new Scottish home...Best wishes and many thanks. Later:I’ve been really amazed by the aconites. When they arrived I thought they’d finished for this year, but they’ve perked right up and have started flowering again - what a bonus!  Susannah

Feb 10th Just to say thank you for the wonderful looking bulbs that arrived this morning. Will be planting them later today. Lots of room for bulbs in the garden of our new house so hope to order from you again. 
Best wishes, Peta

January 31st  Good morning Andy and Jane,  Thank you, thank you, very much, for my delivery of snowdrops and bluebells, what will be a 'blooming' of loveliness! As I was advised, the box was to be opened immediately, which was done, to reveal utterly perfect bulbs of quality, each and every one. I had previously prepared the area(s) for planting, so, weather permitting, the following day, with a race against the rain clouds, I was able to plant them...with help of course! There is every possibility that I shall need more for next year, so I shall so look forward to contacting you again, but who else!!! My very best wishes to you both. Rosemary Holmes.

4 January 
Hi Andy, People don’t bother to say thank you enough so here I am. I have LOVED the service that I received in the Autumn from Clare Bulbs.    A wonderful selection and great phone follow up re my pre-order and timetable for dispatch and delivery. All bulbs appeared to be in great condition and early green growth is promising a busy flowering season in our teeny Brixton, London, garden. I’ll keep an eye on your website and order again (if I have space!). Serena Wilson  


27 Feb  I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the 'snowdrops in the green' which I recently bought from you. I planted the 200 and with in a couple of days they looked as if they had come up from last year. My garden has definitely profited from 'Clare-bulbs'. Thank you for the excellent service. Anne Woolley (Brackley)

24 Feb.  Snowdrops and aconites safely received on Friday in very good order.  All now planted and looking pretty already! Thanks and regards Gillian Harrison

17 Feb.  Dear Andy and Jane, Thank you for the prompt dispatch of my order for snowdrop, aconite and bluebell bulbs in the green. They arrived safely and were planted the same
day.  I'm so pleased with them, the quality and condition of them all exceptional. The snowdrops are standing upright and look as if they have always been there, the aconites are just beginning to flower and I'm sure the bluebells will also do well.   I have an "instant "  garden which is brightening up this dreary winter weather. With many thanks, Jenny Oakley, Bishop's Stortford

6 March. Just wanted to thank you for the spectacular display of dwarf Iris Cantab I bought from you, which is lighting up my garden. They are really beautiful and look like little bright blue jewels. Can't wait for the bluebells my husband also got from you. Very best regards, M Wall.

10 March.  Snowdrops arrived mid morning, nice and fresh.  I am very pleased with them.  Thank you. All the best - Lesley

11 March  Hi there, I bought some snowdrops and bluebells from you last year and planted them at my late wife's grave as they have to be native species and visiting this past weekend I was amazed to see the snowdrops out as I was expecting to not get any this season. Thank you very much for your great service and quality product I will be recommending you to all who need bulbs and will DEFINITELY purchase from you again. Thanks Gareth. Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

15 March  Thank you so much for Bulbs received in very good condition . Now planted in our garden. Andrea Chilton.

29 April Hi you two, We hope you are both well and enjoying life! I had to mail and say how impressed I am with Tulip 'Shirley'. The plum pico tee edge which then suffuses the petals as the flower matures is brilliant. Ray Spencer

6 Sept, from Denmark 
Dear Andy, Writing to you to let you know, that the daffodil bulbs have arrived safely today. They look to be in excellent condition and without doubt they're top quality! As for now, I thank you for your service minded approach, and I will not hesitate to recommend Clare Bulbs to friends and family! Neither will I hesitate to return to you as a customer. Sending you a picture of one of the borders and how it looks like in the springtime. Doing so, I wish you a good autumn, a bearable winter, a lovely springtime before, once again, we're able to enjoy a sunny and flowering summer! With kind regards Johan Kronqvist

8 Oct    Hello Andy, Just to let you know that the second consignment of bulbs arrived at 8:30 this morning and all are in perfect condition.  Another very, very successful transaction with your company. Congratulations on your efficient and friendly business procedures and on the quality of your products. I shall send photos of the hyacinths when they are in bloom. Kind regards,  Sandra Sloan


3 April   Hi there , As you can see we had quite a large number of bulbs off you last year , and we were promised that they would be great . I just wanted you to know that they were so much more than great , they are absolutely stunning ! What a blessing to look out at all the colours and vibrancy every morning . So we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team as the sales team were very helpful too . We will be recommending you to all friends family and strangers ! And we will definitely be a returning customer again and again . Thank you and well done to you all for an all round top service, 10/10.       Debbie Barker, Devon

14 April  Just wondering if you have a clue as to what we might have planted here , we're expecting Crown Imperials?  The rest of the planting from the converted seating area has been lovely with a continuous display from successful snowdrops through iris and crocus to daffy and tulips (click here  to view). Mary Sandles,  (Note from Clare Bulbs: The accompanying picture to the email showed Imperialis Persica, which does look different to the traditional Imperial Lily, (Click here to see). 

22 April   What a heavenly display of bulbs, all supplied by you, in perfect condition, in the autumn. They are bringing us all a great deal of pleasure and joy. Very many thanks to you all and to their Creator. Warmest good wishes, Nick Robinson, Ipswich

25 April  I just want to say how much I am enjoying browsing your website - especially with the diversion with the puppies!  I am looking forward to ordering when I have made my decisions.  I like the way you list the plants with the pictures, prices etc and then I can click and get some personal, relevant info about them.  You come top for me out of the 10 websites I have been checking out!  Ann Dunnington

4 May  I am thrilled with the bluebells I bought from you. You advised me to plant them straight away, I did, and yes, they are flowering!  Thank you, Gillian Click for pictue

9 May   Dear Jane and Andy, I am writing to say how delighted I am with the bulbs I bought from you last autumn. I've had a truly magnificent spring display and look forward to it continuing for years to come. Thank you for an excellent service. I intend to buy more later in the year! With very best wishes from Helen Bristow. Yorkshire

10. June   Hi Andy, I bought beautiful bulbs from you last year. I planted most of them in the garden but put some in pots, which was just as well because me moved home to a place with a big empty garden. I had put some allium in pots but in the move they were very badly treated and last week I found them again. They were allium. I watered them and lo and behold out came beautiful blue flowers!! I just wanted you to know that the tulips and others which we left behind flowered well and so did the ones in the pots. Thanks so much. I'll be ordering more bulbs later on from you once I have cleared more space in the very brick strewn garden! Kindest regards Anne Lumsden,  Cupar. 

11. July What a heavenly display of bulbs we are having, all supplied by you, in perfect condition, in the autumn. Very many thanks to you all and to their Creator!    Warmest good wishes, Nick Robinson, Ipswich

12. September. Just a note to thank you for your excellent service. My bulbs arrived on Monday as you predicted, well packed, and in tip top condition. The bulbs certainly are top quality, and I look forward to the Spring and another great show from your bulbs - as last year.
When Gardening Which do another survey on companies selling Spring bulbs you will certainly get my no.1 vote.
Thank you, Christine Wrate