double snowdrops in the green naturalising spring english galanthus elwesie,cheap near me
Variety: Double flowered snowdrops
Flowering height:  4 ins
Flowering month:  January through February
Clare Bulb Co comment: The term "double-flowered" means that the flower head has multiple petals, as the picture below shows. Thus double snowdrops have a more intense coloured flower which can be seen at a greater distance than the more conventional single-flowered varieties. We recommend them where planting is at some distance from where they can be viewed.
They are best planted in clumps and not mixed with single flowered bulbs, although of course they will happily co-exist with single-flowered varieties.

In the very bottom picture we show the source a lot of our double snowdrops, "in the green", which we harvest in the spring.

For more information on "in the green" bulbs, please click here.

double snowdrops naturalising woodland in the green galanthus elwesii cheap near me