Variety: Mixed Daffodils
Flowering height: 18ins and upwards
Month:  March onwards
Clare Bulb Co comment: In the upper picture we see a wood in Surrey in its first year of planting with our 25kgs sacks of mixed daffs. These will spread as time passes. The daffodils in the background have been established for several years, making a dramatic show.

The lower picture was taken in mid-March 2021, in our glade by the River Stour.
The purpose of this picture is to show the flowering times of the four varieties we sell. At the top of the picture are Tamara, which had been in flower for two weeks or more. To the left are Dutch Master, which had been in full flower for a few days. Middle right are Best Seller, just starting to open, and in the foreground Carlton, which are still in bud. The overall flowering period is about five weeks, from start to finish. One can mix up clumps, rather than keeping the varieties separate, although the overall effect is diluted by the fact that only a proportion of them will be in flower at any one time.