Eremurus, also known as Foxtail Lilies.



A native of Tibet and surrounding countries, Eremurus are an interesting addition to gardens, providing some basic growing guidelines are followed.  They come in various colours, yellow, copper, pink  orange and white, and are herbaceous perennials. Their spires flower from the bottom, (a bit like Camassias), extending to four or more feet tall. They flower in June and July.

First of all, where do they like to grow? The answer is simple: in light soils that are well drained, in full sunshine. A raised bed is ideal, although by no means essential. They do not appreciate being in containers, except very large ones. Being tall, they are liable to blow over if planted in a very exposed place. They can be staked, (but they do not look right if they are). A border is as good a place as any, especially near a wall. They are hardy, and if undisturbed will flower for many years. If your soil is on the heavy side, add sand and grit.

We are reintroducing them into our range after a gap of twenty years or more. The reason we stopped selling them is that once we started selling on the internet we found the timings were a bit difficult, in that Eremurus bulbs do not become available until late September, by which time a lot of our orders have been dispatched. They also require very careful handling after they arrive from Holland, to prevent the octopus like roots drying out and snapping. Our solution was to plunge them in peat beds, and let visitors pick the ones they wanted.

Nonetheless, we know we have a number of customers who would like Eremurus, so we have decided to make them available for 2020, as a special offer.

All orders for Eremurus will be treated separately to any orders already placed. The reason for this is that each root has to handled very carefully, and are better packed in peat in their own box. We will dispatch them before the end of October. They should be planted as soon as possible after arrival. Planting instructions will be included.

Planting hints: having chosen a nice sunny spot, dig a hole wide enough to accommodate the octopus-like roots with room to spare. Raise the centre of the hole that has been dug so that the point of the crown of the plant is just below surface level, letting the roots lie deeper than the crown. Back fill with soil, adding sand and grit if necessary. A light mulch is a good idea. In the growing season keep them moist, but let them dry out in the summer after the flowers have finished. They appreciate being fed in the spring, any compound high in potassium, (sulphate of potash), will do nicely.

Our 2020 offer.

For this first year we are selling Eremurus Shelford Hybrids mixed varieties, so there will be a range of colours, typically yellow, pink, orange, bronze and white. Depending how things go, we may offer them next year by separate colour. All orders will be carriage paid.

Offer No 1.  3 top-size plants, 17.50, incl. p & p

Offer No 2.  10 top-size plants, 39.50, incl. p & p

Offer No 3. 25 top-size plants, 78.00, incl. p & p

If you would like to book an order please send us an email: with your requirements, or phone us on 01787 277441.