General description: The word "narcissus" has come to mean all the so-called coloured varieties of daffodils. In fact "daffodil" is a word that has come to mean the yellow trumpet varieties of the genus Narcissus. I am sure you are confused. So letís agree that what we are talking about here are the sort of varieties that are shown opposite.

Narcissus are smaller than daffodils, being about 12 to 15 inches high, and flower somewhat later. They come in a wide range of colour combinations, and can be single or double flowered. Some are scented, and there are many dwarf varieties to choose from.

When mixed with daffodils they provide a long flowering period, stretching if selected with care for up to 100 days of colour, as we show on our ordering procedure page.

Red Devon

Sempre Avanti

Fortune, an old well-established variety

Ice Follies                 

Where best to plant: They prefer soil that is damp in the growing season. They like semi-shade, but are tolerant of full sun. Plant in clumps or drifts. It is better to keep each variety in one clump, rather than mixing them up. Plant scented varieties near a window or doorway, or where you sit with your gin and tonic.

Planting hints: Plant 8 inches deep, with several inches between each bulb. Add compost if the soil is liable to dry out in the spring. Avoid planting in a regular pattern. Clumps and drifts are best. If you have the enthusiasm pick off the dead flower heads: this helps the next yearís flower. Do not cut off the leaves until at least 6 weeks after the flowers have died back, and do not tie the leaves in neat bunches. If you do you are unlikely to have any flowers the next year.

Variety information: There are a large number of narcissus varieties, many similar to each other in colour and shape. We have selected what we consider to be the most reliable, with the widest choice of colour, scent and flowering period. The price-list shows what is on offer, while our "100 Days of Daffodils" shows the varieties to select for late colour. 

Other useful facts: Narcissus can be single headed, such as Ice Follies, multi-headed, such as Geraneum, double-flowered, such a White Lion, scented, such as Cheerfulness, and can also be of dwarf or compact growing habit, such as the varieties we offer under the heading of Dwarf Daffodils (the wrong use of words, since they are all narcissus!)

In our experience whilst narcissus offer a much more attractive range of flowers, daffodils are the more reliable naturalizing bulbs. Except Ice Follies: they go on for years!