General description: The crocus family are as much a part of the spring garden as daffodils or tulips. Valued for their sturdy goblet-shaped flowers, they will withstand the sharp frosts and wet cold weather which can be a feature of an English March.

Traditional crocuses, en masse

Specie crocus Ruby Giant


Where best to plant: Anywhere. They will grow in grass, in flower-beds, in pots or tubs, and will even grow quite happily indoors if placed near a window. They are also useful under trees and shrubs. Providing the soil is moderately well drained crocuses will grow in poorer soils.

Planting hints: Crocuses are best planted in clumps or in drifts. Some people prefer the colours to be the same, others prefer mixed colours. It matters not. If they are to be planted in lawns remember to wait six weeks after the flowers have finished before mowing.

Variety information: The traditional varieties we sell are in the principal colours of yellow, blue, purple, white, and the white and lilac striped variety Pickwick. These flower in March, although in a mild spring they can appear in February.
Very popular are the so-called specie crocus varieties, which are much smaller than the traditional varieties, and flower earlier. Being so small they are not too suitable for grassy areas as if it is mild the grass can out-grow them. Rockeries are an ideal location, as are tubs. They come in a wide range of colours.
Autumn crocuses provide a splash of unexpected colour in October. They can be bought throughout the month of September and will flower as soon as planted. Their leaves appear the following spring, and must be allowed to complete their growing cycle. They are normally blue, lilac or pink in colour.

Other useful facts: Although the bulbs are quite small plant them 5 inches deep. They are very attractive to mice and squirrels, who will dig down for them, but not to 5 inches! Let the leaves die back after flowering until the leaf clump can easily pull through the soil.

   Yellow Bunch specie crocus                 Autumn crocus Conqueror