General description: 

Alliums are closely related to the common onion, producing a ball-like flower on the end of a single, thick stem.  The flowers are usually mauve or white, and are very long lasting. In fact, they can be left in their flowering positions for the duration of the summer, as despite the colour fading from the flower balls, the flowers the often remain intact, fading to a not unpleasing brown colour. They make a very fine dried flower collection, which will last for years.

Allium Purple Sensation   
Mount Everest
   Allium Schubertii

Allium Gladiator                 

     Allium "Drumsticks"                                   

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Where best to plant: A sunny, dry border is ideal, although Alliums are very tolerant of light shade.

Planting hints: 

Planting hints: Plant about six inches deep for the larger varieties, eight if the soil allows, and leave in position. If they are to be lifted, wait until the stem breaks off easily before digging them up.

Plant in groups, three being the minimum.

Alliums very much appreciate feeding with the equivalent of bone-meal, applied after the flowers have begun to show. 

Variety information: 

Variety information: There are many varieties of Allium, ranging in size from the little Moly up to the giant Globemaster. The flowering period also covers many months, from March to mid-summer, depending upon the variety.

Particular favourites with gardeners are Purple Sensation, Christophii, Schubertii, Giganteum and Globemaster.

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