Once again we are offering colourful wallflowers, for delivery in October.

Wallflowers are attractive in their own right, but we find that they are a pleasant addition to
beds containing tulips, as in the picture above, taken in our garden in April. They infill the gaps
between individual tulip flowers, and provide good cover for what can sometimes be somewhat
unsightly leaves and stems.

Of course, on a sunny day, their aroma is one of the joys of spring.

If you would like to order wallflowers from us, please do so, either by using our on-line ordering
facility, shown below, or by phoning us on 01787 277441.

 Wallflower plants   Per 20 7.50 800 Add to basket
Per 50 18.00 801 Add to basket
Per 100 35.00 802 Add to basket
Per 250 85.00 803 Add to basket

Wallflowers at Clare

4000 wallflowers, as they arrive from the
grower, in trays of 200 plants.
 200 plants lined out, ready to be planted in their final location. It is best to heel them in, to avoid the roots drying out.