Gift Vouchers from the Clare Bulb Company

A Clare Bulb Company Gift Voucher for Christmas? Or for any time of the year...

In the middle of winter there is something nice about a promise for the spring. Which is where we come in. Given that Christmas falls about six weeks before we start sending out bulbs “in the green”, we are offering a selection of Christmas gift vouchers which can be redeemed for snowdrops and bluebells in the green.

Voucher A.   This voucher entitles the recipient to 100 single-flowering and 50 double-flowering snowdrops, posted by us to their home address when deliveries commence. Price is £30 per voucher, (see below for an example).

Voucher B    This voucher includes 100 single-flowering snowdrops, 50 double-flowering snowdrops and 50 English bluebells. The price is £40 per voucher, see example below.

Voucher C    This voucher includes 100 single snowdrops, 100 double snowdrops, 100 English bluebells. The price is £58.

Voucher X    If you want something other than already shown, let us know what you want, (over £30) and we will issue a bespoke voucher. Prices as per the “in the green” section of this website.

We will email you each voucher once you have advised us of your requirement. This will include the following: Number of vouchers required, contact details of each recipient, (phone number and/or email address), message to appear in the card, debit card details. Please either email us or pick up the phone, (01787 277441). 

What the recipient does.

We will contact them in February to give us an address where to send, where to leave the box and when they will be at home.

Vouchers for spring bulbs delivered in the autumn

These vouchers are by value, as it would be impossible to list all the options. All we need to know is how much you would like to spend, this figure appearing on the voucher. The recipient can choose what they would like up to that value from our website, although we have to include our standard delivery charge of £6.50 on each order, (more if in far-flung regions, such as the Highlands).