Clare Bulb Company Statement of trading terms and conditions, refund policy and customer protection policy.

1. General Terms, Refunds and Conditions of Trade.

  1. The Clare Bulb Co offers buyers sound quality bulbs and corms sourced from experienced growers. They are guaranteed to be of the variety named on the package in which they are sold, and on leaving the Clare Bulb Co premises will be in good condition. The bulbs will be in the quantity shown on the bag, at the prices indicated in the price-list.  For bulbs sold by weight, pleases refer to the section headed "Weights of Daffodils & Narcissus".
  2. Prices are as shown in the catalogue and on the website, and apply for the selling season, (March to November). Occasionally replacement stock is purchased during the selling season at higher prices due to shortages in the market, in which case list prices may be increased. Such increases would not apply to any existing orders.  Prices do not include delivery, the cost of which is shown separately on the order form.
  3. Delivery will be made in secure packaging, usually APC or Royal Mail, and will be sent to the address shown on the customer's order. No signature is required, although advice is requested on where to leave parcels if there is no one to receive them. If parcels cannot be left at the addressees' premises for some reason, the parcel will be taken to the closest depot, and the customer advised where it may be collected.
  4. Damaged goods will be replaced if notified to the company within seven days of arrival. If replacement stock is no longer available and no alternative is acceptable, their value will be refunded in full.
  5. Goods lost in transit will either be replaced, or if replacement stock is no longer available, their value will be refunded in full.
  6. In accepting a customer's order, and allocating it an order number, the Clare Bulb Co enters into a contract with the customer to supply the bulbs in the quantities and at the prices indicated on the order form. Should the supply situation dictate that the order cannot be met, either in part or in full, the customer will firstly be advised, with the offer of a substitution, or will be refunded for the full value of the stock that cannot be supplied. The customer will have the right to cancel the whole order if more than 50% of the order in unavailable. Orders are fulfilled when stock becomes available, which is in early September. Orders are packed in order of receipt, although any special timing requests are normally accepted. Orders may also be collected from the Clare Bulb Co premises during opening hours, (see home page for details).
  7. No substitutions are made without the permission of the purchaser.
  8. All orders are acknowledged, and are given an order number to facilitate progress calls.
  9. Where there are queries on the input to the order it is normal practice for a member of the management to telephone, fax, email, or contact by letter the customer to obtain the necessary clarification.
  10. The customer can  amend an order up to two days before it is to be dispatched, or can cancel it before delivery, or seven days after the day of delivery. If the cancellation after delivery is due to a fault by the company the cost of the return of the goods will lie with the company. However, the company must be contacted before any goods are returned. If the cause of the goods being returned lies with the customer, the return carriage is their responsibility.
  11. Goods which are ordered and paid for, and which are to be collected from Clare, will be kept by the company in  dry and secure situation. If they are not collected by the end of December they will be composted, as they will by that time have passed their planting date.
  12. All customers of the Clare Bulb Co are protected by all applicable UK laws.
  13. Privacy statement and data protection statement. No information regarding customers is passed to other organisations, or to individuals. All data is shredded once it has no further use. Credit card receipts are shredded once the transaction is cleared, and no record of credit card numbers is retained. All computer information is stored on "stand alone" discs, inaccessible save by the company proprietors.
  14. Data Protection Act. The Clare Bulb Company keeps no data without the permission of the customer. In placing an order it is assumed that, unless specifically stated otherwise, the customer allows us to record their name. Names are deleted after three years if there has been no sales activity.
  15. A written copy of this document is available from the Clare Bulb Company, Riverside House, Clare, Suffolk, CO10 8NS.

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