Millie 2, aged two, produced ten puppies in August 2012, fathered by Barra, who is a fine dog who lives a few hundred yards from where we live in Clare.
Here are some pictures that show how the pups have developed. One of them, Billy, has come to live with us...and with his granny, and his great granny, and great uncle Norris, and his daddy up the road, and his other granny, and then there elsewhere in Clare are uncles Max and Ollie, and aunt Sally, and then three more with our children, and then all the ones who stay with us, plus his two brothers, and to think he was called Billy-No-Mates when it seemed no one wanted him. Oh yes, he also has nine cousins born a few weeks after him, from our daughter's dog. He's now Billy-mega-Mates, perhaps one of the luckiest Labradors in Britain!


Billy's Dad on left, Barra, mother Millie 2 on right, after a swim


    Millie 2 observes her ten pups, at a safe distance                          The brood on its first day outdoors


There is NOTHING better than cuddling Labrador puppies


This lasted for about 5 seconds


Billy-no-Mates, no one wanted him... ...until we saw his picture, and decided we had room for a fourth dog so to Clare he came, on his first night sleeping on his own...


...but soon sleeping with granny Maisie, (and Tiger Tim)

and then muscling in on granny AND great-granny Millie


meeting two chooks

first day out with the big dogs

        resulting in a successful tiger hunt


  Granny, will you play with me?  Go on, play with me    OK, but I am much bigger than you...


 Billy and his extended family ready for a good walk, (all grannies, aunts and uncles) Nothing like a good splash around. Billy had his first swim.    Followed by a cosy stove


  Billy's nine cousins, 7 weeks younger than Billy. 
That is 49 puppies in total, over ten years.
Later: Billy has now fathered nine more pups, Oct 2016. See below.

          Eating a TV supper requires a heart of stone



April 2014, 8 bowls full of food, no Labs....

...ah yes, here they are, as well-behaved as ever.

Click here to see Billy's first sired litter. Rosie is now
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