Esme grows up, and becomes a mother

  We will start with a bit of lead training...  ....don't want to, so I am going to lie down
 Sleeping on mum in the comfy chair is best  My pal George, (the baddest Lab I know: ed)
 Me at six months old  Is that bone for me? Or have I got to share it?
 Summer holiday by the sea, (note ball in foam)   Master's idea of a joke
 I think I will spoil master's sun-bathe, and bite him  Charlie from next door comes to play
 We often swim in the river at the end of the garden  And all of us expect treats from time to time
And when I was two I met Basil, and we had eight puppies.  They are called Sam, Morris, Phoebe, Ted, Ollie, Yogi, Bella, and Millie 2, (granny is Millie 1).      Click here to see all about them.    

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