Now we see Rosie aged one year, coping with the arrival of our two kittens, brother and sister Rollo and Rainbow.

A family portrait: left to right, mum Pippa, Rosie, 
(aged twelve months), great-granny Maisie, dad Billy.
Rosie not sure what to do next

    Perhaps a snooze with the toys in the sun hits the spot

 Rosie battling with auntie Phoebe and uncle Morris, 
(just a game, nothing to worry about) after a nice swim.

Hello, hello, what's this? Two little somethings in master's office. Very strange.

 There they are again, hiding in the garden. What ever next?           

Goodness me, they must be fierce as they appear to have 
caught a tiger.

...and can they fight! On the other hand, they seem to like granny.
   Oops, not a good idea to stalk the swans     Told you so  How many animals in this picture?